How to Order the SnapRays Nightlight

Well, it’s pretty exciting, it seems people are reading this blog!!

Does this mean I am famous?

Well, at least in my own mind!!!

I received this email from the inventor of Snaprays night light I wrote about on an older blog, shown below (Cool LED Nightlight).

(My understanding of KickStarter, is a way for new inventors to fund their start-up costs/capital through people like you and me, in small increments. It really is pretty cool.)

Hi Stuart,

My name is Sean Watkins and I am a creator of the SnapRays Guidelight. I wanted to thank you for writing about the SnapRays Guidelight on your website!! As you already know, this type of coverage is very valuable for a new product and we are extremely grateful for it.

Since writing about about our product some of your readers have requested to know when it will be available for pre-order and how they can get a discount for doing so. Because of these requests and others, we are excited to let you and your readers know that we will begin accepting pre-orders starting tomorrow morning 3/4/14 at 10:00am EST and that the first 1,500 people to place their order will receive a significant discount. If they are one of these early birds they will be able purchase the Guidelight for only $8 per unit! We will be using the KickStarter platform to take all pre-orders.

It would be great if you could somehow notify your readers of this information. They can go to our website Tuesday morning to learn more about the product and place their orders. Here is the link:

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to send high res photos.

Thanks again,



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