Dirty Dishes, ie cloudy glasses, food debris!!!!

The problem:

Dishes still have food particles on them and glasses are CLOUDY almost opaque!

Since the government banned phosphates in detergent (a good thing for lakes and the environment) dishes and clothes are not as clean as we are used to!

We got tired of these problems at our house. We used a brand name detergent, pre-washed the dishes, then hand washed the glassware once a month, but no good. Same problems kept occurring.

I did some research and found the solution that worked for us.

Wipe off food debris from the dishes into the trash, but you don’t have to rinse
Place in dishwasher
Use Finish Power Ball Tabs detergent and
Use Lemi-Shine, (never heard of this stuff before), found in the dishwasher detergent shelves, put 2 Tablespoons in bottom of dishwasher at the start. Don’t put in pre-wash cup as they say. Use it the first few washes, after that about once/twice a month.
Use the normal wash w/ a high temp rinse
The new detergents work with enzymes, time, and hot water vs soap and “power”. So do not use the quick cycle, they need time to work.
The Finish Power Ball costs $0.14 per load more than our old detergent, well worth it. Lemi-Shine is reasonable.

You will see amazing results over next few weeks.


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