Be as Cool as Your Builder! (HVAC)


Early Spring HVAC Cooling Check

Now is the time to check your air conditioning!

Spring is a around the corner ( I love NC).

Don’t wait until that 1st hot day to find your AC doesn’t work. You will be calling the heating and air repair company along with everybody else.

Test your AC now.
Wait until it is over 60 degrees, then turn it on and let it run for about 15 minutes.
Feel the vents blowing air. Good and cold?
Then go outside and listen to the compressor (air conditioner ), does it sound like it should? Smooth running, no funny noises?
You will be ready for summer!
If it has been years since you had someone check over your heating/cooling system, you might call your company for a service call. They can:

Clean the inside of the air handler
Test freon levels (the stuff that keeps you cold)
Check for problems
Be as cool as your Builder (just had to say that again)


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